That'll Flat Git It! Vol.16 (sun) (CD)

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Another CD-album from the Bear Family Records - Rock'n'Roll CD series - That'll Flat Git It -

More Rockabilly from the vaults of Sun Records!
Back in 1992, we decided that Rockabilly sounded good on CD, so we had the idea that we should create the all-time definitive Rockabilly series, 'That'll Flat Git It!'
Above all, Rockabilly was music recorded for 45RPM singles, so we designed a Rockabilly series label-by-label instead of artist-by-artist, and we compiled it for listening pleasure. Just the great stuff, plus a few super rarities.

Every CD would be for the most part a 30 song jukebox of the finest Rockabilly ever recorded for all the great labels. We sourced the very best sounding tapes and took them to the best mastering engineers, and then we took the packaging to a new level. We adopted the catchphrase of the first Rockabilly dee-jay, Dewey Phillips, 'That'll Flat Git It!', and we hired Bill Millar, who'd compiled the still-classic label-oriented Rockabilly LPs in the 1970s and 1980s, to write the notes. We looked for previously unpublished photos, and tried to find all the artists who'd never been found before. The result is a truly definitive Rockabilly series that now runs to twenty-seven volumes.

Track Listing

    • Bobby Darin - My Baby Don't Rock
    • Mcdaniel, Luke - You Better Believe
    • Blake, Tommy - What's The Reason
    • Parchman, Kenny - I Need Your Lovin' Kiss
    • Jenkins, Harold - Drinkin' Scotch
    • Simmons, Gene - Between Here And There
    • Unidentified #1 - Sentimental Fool
    • Pittman, Barbara - Slewfoot Sue
    • Arnold, Jerry - Cry Baby Cry
    • Felts, Narvel - Rabbit Action
    • Haggett, Jimmy - Rockin' With My Baby
    • Yelvington, Malcolm - Come On Little Mama (alt)
    • Harris, Ray - Waiting For You (alt)
    • Powers, Johnny - Tennessee Zip
    • Parchman, Kenneth - Everybody's Trying To Kiss My Baby
    • Ross, Gene - I'll Be Rockin'
    • Unidentified #2 - Got Rockin' On My Mind
    • Griffin, Curley - My Gal Mary-Ann
    • Earls, Jack - Go Ahead Baby
    • Mcdaniel, Luke - I Fell In Love
    • Cook, Ken - Do Me Like You Do Me
    • Haggett, Jimmy - Prisoner Of The Blues
    • Ruick, Tommy - Bop Pills
    • Skipper, Macy - Stop The World
    • Smith, Warren - Love Crazy
    • Parchman, Kenneth - Ain't Gonna Do It
    • Burgess, Sonny - Mad Man (2)
    • Wages, Jimmy - Me And My Blues
    • Reidel, Teddy - I Vibrate
    • Self, Mack - Two Timin' Baby
    • Unidentified #3 - Rock-A-Bye Baby

    Additional Details

    Label: Bear Family Records

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Run Time: 62 mins

    Release Date: 01/02/07

    UPC: 4000127163110

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