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The Ark Of The Sun God (DVD)


The Ark Of The Sun God (DVD)

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Release Date: 03/24/09

Danger, disaster and terrorists abound in the action thriller of the century!

Expert safe-cracker Rick Spear arrives in Istanbul for what to him is a routine heist-- a private house, exterior wall, patrolling dogs, alarm system, armed guards and an impenetrable safe-- but, with his hands on the goods, Rick discovers he has been set-up. He has been tricked by an old friend who is in need of Rick's skills in his quest for the legendary lost treasure of Semiramis, Queen of Babylonia, and the most coveted artifact of all-- the Ark of the Sun God. Danger, disaster and deadly competition from a fanatical German terrorist face Rick and his team as they travel through a desert wilderness to the ancient resting place of the priceless Ark of the Sun God.

Genre: Action/Adventure
Run Time: 92 mins

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