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Thrilled To Death (DVD)


Thrilled To Death (DVD)

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Release Date: 09/25/07

Cliff Baxter has found the perfect setting for murder. A marginally successful writer of a paperback detective series, Cliff is using an adult club for swingers as a backdrop for his questionable characters to commit their lurid crimes. While reluctantly researching the seedy swing scene, he and his cosmopolitan wife Elaine meet Daryll and Nancy; an outgoing, unusually charming couple who make a point of winning their easy confidence and becoming their fast friends. But maybe too fast. For Cliff and Elaine are unknowingly being conned by professionals. And like characters from one of Cliff's cheap novelettes, they are being framed for a sinister, elaborate crime by their new-found 'friends.' Starring Rebecca Lynn and Blake Bahner.

Genre: Horror
Run Time: 90 mins

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