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Tiers, Wharton - Brighter Than Life (CD)


Tiers, Wharton - Brighter Than Life (CD)

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Release Date: 03/31/09

Unless You'Re Totally Clueless, You Know Mr. Wharton Tiers Has <br /><br />Produced Some Of The Best Rock Albums You Own, Including Sonic Youth's Confusion Is Sex, Dinosaur Jr.'s You'Re Living All Over Me, <br /><br />Helmet's Meantime, Branca's Symphony Nos. 8/10, And A Zillion More. <br /><br />What Most Folks Don't Know Is In A Few Spare Moments Over The Years, Wharton Has Been Composing & Recording His Own Masterful, Cinematic Guitar-Based Instrumentals. In Many Cases He Plays Drums, Bass & Multiple Axes On These Pieces As Well.<br /><br />Although His Reputation As An 'A' List Producer Clearly Precedes Him, Wharton's Music Totally Stands On Its Own. When You Give Brighter Than Life A Spin, You Find It Immediately Fits Into All The Corners Of Your World. Filmic, Expansive, Loud Yet Intimate... And Best Of All, No Lyrics To Get In The Way Of The Music!<br /><br /><br /><br />If You Love The Sound Of Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca Or Are Interested In New York Noise In General, Then You Really Do Need This. Brighter Than Life Is Such An Exciting, Rich Surprise... Like A Dark, Electrical Geyser Exploding In Your Head!<br /><br />

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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