Torchy The Battery Boy: The Complete First Series (DVD)

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The Classic Television Series From Gerry Anderson!

Torchy the Battery Boy was the second television series produced by AP Films and Gerry Anderson. It was another collaboration with author Roberta Leigh and was directed by Anderson, with music scored by Barry Gray, art direction from Reg Hill and special effects by Derek Meddings. The series followed adventures of the eponymous boy doll with a battery inside him and a lamp in his head, and his master Mr. Bumbledrop, voiced by Kenneth Connor (who is best known for his work in the Carry On films) who also voiced a number of other characters. Torchy travels by rocket to Topsy Turvy Land where toys can walk, animals can talk and cream buns grow on trees. This DVD contains the complete first series. All 26 episodes have been digitally restored and are just as much fun to watch today as they were when first broadcast five decades ago. Episode List: * 1) Pom-Pom And The Toys * 2) Topsy Turvy Land * 3) Torchy And Squish * 4) The Building Of Frutown * 5) Torchy And The Broken Rocket * 6) King Dithers * 7) Torchy Goes Back To Earth * 8) Bossy Boots Goes To Topsy Turvy Land * 9) Bossy Boots Is Taught A Lesson * 10) A Bell For A Penny Farthing * 11) A Trick On Pom-Pom * 12) Torchy Is Stolen * 13) King Dithers Loses His Crown * 14) Pilliwig Gets A Present * 15) Bad Boy Bogey * 16) Torchy And The Strange Animal * 17) Bossy Boots Forgets To Be Good * 18) Hungry Money Box * 19) The Naughty Twins * 20) The Twins Learn A Lesson * 21) King Dithers Goes Down To Earth * 22) Torchy Escapes At Last * 23) Torchy And The Man In The Moon * 24) Bogey And The Statues * 25) The Moon Falls Asleep * 26) Torchy's Birthday


Cast & Crew

  •       Kenneth Connor
  •       Jill Raymond
  •       Olwyn Griffiths
  •       Patricia Somerset

Producer: Gerry Anderson

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Kids MOVIE

Run Time: 354 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 11/25/08

UPC: 018619875018

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