Torchy The Battery Boy: The Complete Second Series (DVD)

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Release Date: 11/25/08

The Classic Character Created By Roberta Leigh!

The further adventures of Torchy, a boy doll who travels by rocket to Topsy Turvy Land where toys can walk, animals can talk and cream buns grow on trees. This DVD contains the complete second series. All 26 episodes have been digitally restored and are just as much fun to watch today as they were when first broadcast five decades ago. Episode List: - Flopsy Goes On A Picnic - Torchy Gets A Surprise - Banana Bridge - King Dithers And Daffy - The Toys Get The Collywobbles - Bogey Learns Another Lesson - The Pollikan Bird Is Stolen - Torchy Has An Accident - Sparky The Dragon - Bogey Is Naughty Again - Pilliwig Cleans The Chimney - Pongo The Pirate - Pongo In The Goldmine - King Dithers' Birthday - Washing Day In Topsy Turvy Land - Gluebell Wood - Squish Falls Down A Well - Flopsy In Trouble - The Big Storm - Daffy's Birthday - Flopsy Makes A Christmas Pudding - Gilly Golly In Trouble - King Bumble Drop - A New Suit For Pilliwig - The Obstinate Donkey - Pom-Pom Gets The Hiccups

Genre: Kids MOVIE
Run Time: 353 mins

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