Trade Secrets - Golden Life (CD)


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Synth-laden soundtrack to a sonic journey through an urban metropolis with lyrically tackling issues of life & mortality

Comic book writer, movie producer, and machine/rock veteran F.J. DeSanto (Hypefactor, The Aggression, Chemlab) has embarked on a new musical venture with the synth/electro-pop collective known as Trade Secrets, with the Golden Life (ゴールデン・ライフ) debut serving as the first taste to be released via Distortion Productions. Inspired by DeSanto's time spent in Tokyo while facing a life-threatening illness, the album serves as a synth-laden soundtrack to 'a sonic journey through an urban metropolis while lyrically tackling issues of life and mortality and eventually leading to the promise of a better tomorrow.' Trade Secrets was initially conceived as a producing remixing team between DeSanto and The New Division's John Glenn Kunkel, eventually evolving into a collaborative project featuring longtime musical partners Mike 'Ash' Venezia (Baye, Hypefactor, 4th Level), and multi-instrumentalist Charles LaBarbara. Of the collective, Venezia comments, 'It's dynamic. It feels like a band.' In addition, Kunkel states, 'I'm extremely proud to have worked on this record alongside everyone. It's been an incredible experience collaborating, and working on a project with so many different moving pieces.'
Other guests on Golden Life include The Dossier vocalist Peter Riley, who appears on the lead-off single 'Only You,' as well as critically acclaimed French musician Damian Polak (a.k.a. Peka), Brandt Gassman (Hypefactor), and Kanako Kobayashi.

Track Listing

    • Golden Life
    • Pivotal
    • Slow Reply
    • Only You
    • Deaux
    • Boketto

    Additional Details

    Label: Distortion Productions

    Genre: Industrial

    Language: English

    Run Time: 26:30 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 07/07/17

    UPC: 801676702829

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