Unter Null - Moving On (CD)

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First album after her classic debut album 'The Failure Epiphany.'

First album after her highly successful debut album 'The Failure Epiphany' that has become a classic reference on the dark scene. Sole creation of American artist Erica Dunham, the UNTER NULL project was initiated in 1998. Engineered by Claus Larsen (LEAETHER STRIP). The album is also released as a deluxe carton box edition including the exclusive 'Moved On' bonus album featuring some 9 exclusive songs plus 4 remixes from album songs by ACYLUM, NEIKKA RPM, KANT KINO and DYM.

Track Listing

    • Journey to Descent
    • Moving On
    • Broken Heart Cliche
    • The Fall
    • Godless
    • I Can't Be the One
    • Visceral, Venom of My Being
    • Tear Down the Walls
    • Hypocrite and Contradict
    • Third Party
    • The Mercy Seat
    • Obligatory Club Hit To Appease The Masses
    • I Can't Be The One (DE_TOT_COR mix)
    • Godless (hard dance remix by STUDIO-X)
    • I Can't Be the One (torment mix by EX.ES)

    Additional Details

    Label: Alfa Matrix

    Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

    Run Time: 50 mins

    Release Date: 04/06/10

    UPC: 882951009628

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