Vader - And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw (DVD)


$ 19.95


Release Date: 11/20/07

Features Vader's ferocious performance at the Stodola Club in February 2007.

This ferocious live DVD features footage from the Stodola Club in February 2007 - the final stop of the tour promoting their latest album 'Impressions in Blood'. The show was filmed with 7 cameras... It's a truly amazing recording with great lights and dynamic shots, over 80 minutes of brutal, fast, uncompromising death metal!! The DVD also includes a guest appearance from Orion, a member of two other great Polish metal acts: Vesania & Behemoth. Vader was the first death metal band from behind the Iron Curtain to succeed on the world's most important music markets. Their 'Morbid Reich' demo from 1990 is considered the best selling demo tape in the history of death metal. Year 2008 marks the 25th anniversary of Vader's existence.


Genre: Metal
Run Time: 150 mins

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