Ventis Secundis, Tene Cursum - This Is Progressive Rock! (CD)


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A choice of progressive rock titles from Angel Air.

JAMES McCARRAHER author and reviewer has chosen from the extensive Angel Air catalogue a number of tracks which in his opinion encapsulates 'the style and the spirit of prog rock music-creative, innovative and free flowing'. The title of the album 'Ventis Secundis, Tene Cursum' means 'go with the flow' or more literally 'The winds being favourable hold the course'. In James opinion his definition of Progressive rock is 'A style of rock music that evolved in the late 60's and early 70's as part of a British-led attempt to elevate music to new levels of artistic credibility by attempting to combine rock music with jazz, classical and other forms of music!' We could not have said it better-enjoy!

Track Listing

    • ZZEBRA - Procession Of The Zzebra
    • CARMEN - Bulerias
    • THIRD EAR BAND - The Key
    • CONSORTIUM - Where
    • RUNNING MAN - Running man
    • MO FOSTER - Achill Island
    • ROCOCO - Ultrastar
    • GREENSLADE - Bedside Manners Are Extra (Live)
    • MOUSE - Ashen Besher
    • WARHORSE - No Chance
    • STRAY - Mister Wind (Live)
    • AFFINITY - Three Sisters
    • ROB THOMPSON - Dust
    • ZZEBRA - Amuso Fi (Album Version)
    • ATOMIC ROOSTER - I Can't Take No More
    • THE IAN GILLAN BAND - Child In Time

    Additional Details

    Label: Angel Air

    Genre: Progressive Rock

    Run Time: 78 mins

    Release Date: 02/08/11

    UPC: 5055011703483

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