Viktor Toth Arura Trio - The Present (CD)


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Consisting of established musicians of the Hungarian jazz scene, Viktor Toth Arura Trio fascinates with their sheer power, virtuosity, organic harmony and Toth's concentrated compositions. The CD is the recording of their 2nd Opus Jazz Club gig in 2014, with an unusually restrained, strikingly emotional, ballad-like program, interspersed with deep lyricism, great melodies and spiritual tension.

Track Listing

    • Joy
    • First & Second
    • Ballad of Bertalan Barta
    • Brilliant Steps
    • The Cat and the Moon
    • I'm Waiting for You
    • Remember the Hatseller
    • Music of the Late Night
    • Emanation

    Additional Details

    Label: BMC Records

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 59 mins

    Release Date: 11/07/14

    UPC: 5998309302107

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