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Vinny The Chin: The Long Island Legend (DVD)


Vinny The Chin: The Long Island Legend (DVD)

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Release Date: 10/23/12

Get Big, Get Tan, and come party with the Long Island Legend....Vinny The Chin!

Vinny the Chin -- viral video star and self-proclaimed hottest Guido on the planet - goes through his seasonal ritual of preparing the whole winter to party in the Hamptons Memorial Day Weekend this summer. Capturing every ridiculous antic, mishap, insult and casualty that crosses the New York native's path. The documentarians are constantly dragged along and forced to keep up with Vinny's self-destructive lifestyle, ego, emotions, and outbursts. Will Vinny prepare in time to show off his muscles at the beach club Memorial Day Weekend'

Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 97:00 mins

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