Void Union - Void Union (CD)

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Ex-Westbound Train's drummer Jesse Hayes' new band. Soulful, smooth, ska reggae!

'The VOID UNION is a collective of like-minded musicians and friends worldwide, brought together by their love of traditional Jamaican musical styles, jazz, and groove-oriented music. This project was conceptualized and created as a musical outlet and way for them to strengthen relationships both personally and musically.' This band consists of former Westbound Train drummer, Jesse Hayes, who is currently drumming for The Toasters as well! This album is truly a throw back to the spirit of original Jamaican recordings and just a refreshing atmosphere change to the cold and dry studio recording of today's musical ventures. 'Their idea was to capture the essence of a live studio recording (in the style of those early Jamaican records!). The solution, to record the five core members live in one room, while leaving open spaces in the arrangements, for guest musicians to add their parts in the future. We spent the past year setting up shop and recording our friends in houses, greenrooms and empty clubs throughout the country.' You be the judge of their accomplishments, with guests like Lynval Golding of The Specials, Rick Johnson of Mustard Plug, Tom Riley of The Drastics, Mike Brown and Jim Conti of Streetlight Manifesto, Craig Akira Fujita of Pressure Cooker, Hayley Jane of Hayley Jane And The Primates, Chris Rhodes of The Toasters and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Dan Regan of Reel Big Fish, this album is sure to 'fill the void' in today's ska music!

Track Listing

    • Glass House
    • Mr. Big
    • The Rub
    • The Long Road
    • Plain Jane
    • Chippewa Man
    • Nicer Every Time
    • Johnny's Rocksteady
    • Blues For Willie
    • Tell Me
    • Future 86
    • Atlas
    • Strange Manor

    Additional Details

    Label: Megalith Records

    Genre: Reggae

    Run Time: 57 mins

    Release Date: 12/09/08

    UPC: 616892985723

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