Wayne Wallace - Nature Of The Beat (CD)

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A hot blend of high energy Latin jazz and soulful rhyth & blues and exciting improvisational dance music

Five-time Grammy nominee, WAYNE WALLACE, is one of the more respected exponents of African American-Latin music in the world today. He is known for the use of traditional forms and styles in combination with contemporary music, and has earned recognition with his recent placement in the Downbeat Critics Polls under the trombone and producer categories. TRACK LISTING: 1. Mis Amigos (5:51) 2. Jeru (4:06) 3. Serpentine Fire (6:17) 4. Fascinatin' Rhythm (5:05) 5. ¡No Esta Complicado! (5:49) 6. Bésame Mucho (7:55) 7. Come Running to Me (7:58) 8. Unchain My Heart (5:26) 9. That Walk (6:06) 10. Oshumaré (5:08)

Additional Details

Label: Patois Records

Genre: Jazz

Language: English

Run Time: 59 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/07/15

UPC: 801821910628

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