Winand, Gabor / Valle, Ramon / Vloeimans, Eric - Fabulas (CD)

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Exceptional Hungarian singer, Gabor Winand teams up wit Cuban pianist Ramon Valle and Dutch trumpeter Eric Vloeimans

This record is above all the chronicle of a union of travelers who have tied their music to other countries, other musicians and live it as citizens of the world. The trio is geographically variable: Valle lives in Amsterdam and records for the Act. Vloeimans has already collaborated with the BMC label for the magnificent Trumpet Kingdom by Alban Darche. As for Winand, this singer, whose voice is both deep and perched high is not without evoking the quiet power of Klaus Blasquiz. It is here his song in Spanish which is the most beautiful invitation to travel, to wanderings and which founds a folklore of uprooted.
But Fabulas is also the union of two musical cultures which have made crossbreeding and recycling their strength: Cuba and Hungary, the rebel island and the center of Europe, the muslin lightness of a voice and the subtle syncopations of an aerial piano carried by a cloudy trumpet. If all the songs written by Elsa Valle speak of love and encounter, it is of height that is discussed in Fabulas: the flight of an airplane between two continents, the creamy lightness of the traits of pianos, everything is at the once aerial and fragile, subtle and nostalgic. Like a place that did not really exist, a poetic and vaporous place where you could sing Cuban ballads accompanied by a piano prancing of Hungarian romanticism.
The strong axis is the relationship between the singer and the pianist, supported by the interventions of a Vloeimans who, if left behind, is nevertheless necessary to the meeting, that he responds to the song, or prompts the piano to come out of introspection.
The playing of Ramon Valle oscillates perpetually between the winks leaning on the piano pieces of an imperial Hungary and an unstoppable jazz technique, oscillating between the two as one passes between the drops. Winand, for his part, brings in his style to give traditional Hungarian songs a jazz aesthetic. (Franpi Barriaux - Citizen Jazz)

Track Listing

    • Y si Volviera
    • Levitando
    • Primavera
    • Siboney
    • Principe Azul
    • Captive Dreamer
    • Bulgarian love song
    • Somos
    • Rompiendo
    • Andar por dentro

    Additional Details

    Label: BMC Records

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 60 mins

    Release Date: 03/30/09

    UPC: 5998309301520

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