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Xandria - Salome - The Seventh Veil (Bonus Track) (CD)


Xandria - Salome - The Seventh Veil (Bonus Track) (CD)

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Release Date: 11/18/09

A touch of feminine sensuality, a hint of far away strange places where only wishful dreams will take us, carried on wings of metallic hardness and at the same time accompanied by that certain darkness - these images come to mind when listening to the music of Xandria, a band who can look back on four successful albums. Following the stir that the band had already created on the underground scene with several demo songs which had been released on the Internet, Xandria laid the cornerstone of a long career in 2003 with their debut 'Kill The Sun'. The release was greeted by enthusiastic reactions and made directly for the German Media Control Charts, followed by a tour all over Germany. When they headed for the album charts one year later on the black wings of 'Ravenheart', carried by Celtic winds, a mythical element had become an ingredient of their music. They stayed in the charts for a full two months, making no. 36, and enchanted their growing fan base with the fantasy clip which accompanied the title track 'Ravenheart' and has come to be considered a classic of the genre. The press were unanimous in their praise, and tours and festival performances followed. Summer 2004 saw the band play the main stage of the Summer Breeze festival and the Busan International Rock Festival in Korea - the biggest in Southeast Asia -, where they wowed 30,000 people. 'Ravenheart' went on to beat the pants off the debut's success, the band joining the ranks of the luminaries of the scene. But what exactly is it that makes this band so enormously fascinating' The musicians blend metal with visionary sonic landscapes into the soundtrack of another, very different world. Xandria's world allows you to be vulnerable or strong, show emotions and live all those dreams that reality seems to sneer on. With the release of their fourth and by far best album Salome - The Seventh Veil, Xandria secures their position as one of the best gothic-metal acts in the world. Artoffact Records' release of this classic gem comes with a bonus remix of the hit single Sisters of the Light from Jesus On Extasy and is not to be missed!

Genre: Metal

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