Ya Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around (CD)

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Rollicking Old Timey

This CD concentrates on old-timey mountain songs, murder ballads and ancient folk tunes that had passed down through generations until the 1920s and 1930s when they were recorded commercially. By the 1960s, whether you were a rockabilly unknown, a rock and roller, a British folk-rocker or a follower of any number of musical traditions - this old music had become part of your legacy too. All tracks selected here come from JSP Records' four and five CD box sets compiled and annotated by old-time music expert Pat Harrison. Credit, too, to one of our main collaborators, Christopher King who has contributed many rare tracks as well as his Grammy Award winning remastering expertise.This selection, by Americana music fan, Ken Smith, features sides by many stars of the genre, including:CLIFF CARLISLE, GRAYSON & WHITTER, CARTER FAMILY, EMRY ARTHUR, BUELL KAZEE, PRINCE ALBERT HUNT, GID TANNER & THE SKILLET LICKERS, CHRIS BOUCHILLION, DELMORE BROTHERS & Many More

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: Country

Release Date: 11/04/14

UPC: 788065540326

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