Yuval Ron - Four Divine States of Mind (CD)


$ 14.99


Release Date: 06/24/20

Soulful sacred music for cultivating higher virtues, meditation and helping heal a wounded world.

Music byYuval Ron

FeaturingEstrella Morente, Deva Premal, Uyanga Bold, and Chloe Pourmorady

Music composed, arranged and produced byYuval Ron

Executive Producer:Dr. Richard Gold

Dedicated to the children who will grow up to embody the Four Divine States of Mind.

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Loving Kindness (Metta)

'Love, embracing all beings: small and great, far and near, be it on earth, in the water or in the air.'

- Nyanaponika Thera.

Compassion (karuna)

'It is compassion that removes the heavy bar, opens the door to freedom, makes the narrow heart as wide as the world. Compassion takes away from the heart the inert weight, the paralyzing heaviness; it gives wings to those who cling to the lowlands of self.'

- Nyanaponika Thera.

Vicarious Joy (Mudita)

'Noble and sublime joy is a helper on the path to the extinction of suffering. Not he who is depressed by grief, but one possessed of joy finds that serene calmness leading to a contemplative state of mind. And only a mind serene and collected is able to gain the liberating wisdom. The more sublime and noble the joy of others is, the more justified will be our own sympathetic joy.'

- Nyanaponika Thera.

Equanimity (Upekkha)

'Upekkha is a perfect, unshakable balance of mind, rooted in insight. But in its perfection and unshakable nature equanimity is not dull, heartless and frigid. Its perfection is not due to an emotional 'emptiness,' but to a 'fullness' of understanding, to its being complete in itself. Its unshakable nature is not the immovability of a dead, cold stone, but the manifestation of the highest strength.'

- Nyanaponika Thera.


Label: Metta Mindfulness Music
Genre: New Age
Run Time: 54 mins

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