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Astras - Maze Of Time (CD)

$ 10.24 $ 10.99

Release Date: 06/05/12 Italian Heavy Metal.Maze of Time', six tracks inspired by Astras's concept, three tracks inspired by another amazing...

Dynahead - Youniverse (CD)

$ 10.28 $ 10.99

Release Date: 07/10/12 YOUNIVERSE is the second album of the brazilian band Dynahead. Metal/Punk: Alternative Metal.Even more obscure and complex...

From Nowhere - Agony (CD)

$ 10.28 $ 10.99

Release Date: 07/10/12 Second album 'Agony', the album presents 8 tracks of Technical Death Metal/PunkFROM NOWHERE has released its second...

Huinca - Sic Semper Tyrannis (CD)

$ 10.28 $ 10.99

Release Date: 10/09/12 Sic semper tyrannis is the second album of Huinca, a successful Chilean metal band with tribal influences.Huinca...

Mierdaster - La Furia (CD)

$ 9.99

Release Date: 05/07/13 La Furia is an Angry Hardcore Metal (Thrash Punk) album in Spanish from Chile.La Furia is the...

Pirosaint - Infected Brutality (CD)

$ 16.45 $ 16.99

Release Date: 02/11/14 INFECTED BRUTALITY is the Exclusive Remastered Versions of our two legendary demos recorded in Chile at Rec....