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Chief Tail - Chief Tail (LP)
Audrey Ochoa - Frankenhorn (CD)
Old Firm Casuals - This Means War (LP)
Secret Alliance - Solar Warden (CD)
Hounds - Warrior Of Sun (CD)
Lunarsea - Earthling/Terrestre (CD)
Nili Brosh - Spectrum (CD)
Zeistencroix - Gen Z (CD)
Confessions Of A Traitor - Guided (CD)
Mudd Flux - Light The Skies Electric (CD)
Avalanche - Sent From Hell (CD)
Abeyance - Portraits Of Mankind (CD)
Survive - Immortal Warriors (CD)
The Mofuglys - A Murder Of Crows (CD)
Rotersand - How Do You Feel Today? (CD)
Chrome Castle - S/T (LP)
Allan Sherman - Live At The Sands (CD)

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