Digital Factor - G.B.A.: General Behavior Abrogate (CD)


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Release Date: 11/03/23

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of DIGITAL FACTOR's history. Mike Langer decided to make his new studio album 'G.B.A.-General Behavior Abrogate'.

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of DIGITAL FACTOR's eventful history. For the occasion, Mike Langer decided to make his new studio album 'G.B.A.-General Behavior Abrogate' a very special release in many ways.

First of all, DIGITAL FACTOR decided to make this album a charity project where all proceeds will be donated to a foundation for disadvantaged children (, bringing back some humanity to our crazy world and reminding all of us that music is a perfect media to set up connection and bring us all together. We count on everyone for supporting us in this charity adventure!

Mike Langer also took the challenge to collaborate on each new song with a different local artist from his hometown of Altenburg (Germany) giving to this new album a very eclectic and collaborative dimension. 'As a musician, you always tend to say that the current album is THE special album. (laugh) But the current work with numerous musicians from my hometown, all embracing my musical style, is truly something special', explains German artist Mike Langer.

DIGITAL FACTOR continues writing complex electronic music with an edge lead by melodic synth pop lines and catchy vocals, the whole this time fully reinforced by the diversity of the featured guests. The previous successful single 'I Am What I Am' was written this way with the punk singer Gwendolyn Gaffa from the band MORAFFA. Another highlight should also be the song 'Hold The Hope' with singer Manuel Schmid from STERN MEISSEN. Other attention grabbers will surely be songs like 'Don't Speak For Me' with soul singer Rebecca Klukas or yet 'Who Is The Architect' with singer-songwriter Franziska Haucke.

Another collaboration that should also be of particular interest to the hardcore fans of DIGITAL FACTOR, as the album opens with 'Take Me To The Limit' which features none other than DIGITAL FACTOR's founding member Torsten Heise!

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 47 mins

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