The Dahmers - Down In The Basement (Blood Splatter Vinyl) (LP)

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Release Date: 03/24/23

Reissue of 'Down In The Basement', the third album from the Swedish cult horror-rock act The Dahmers, originally released in 2018.

Reissue of 'Down In The Basement', the third album from the Swedish rock 'n' roll horror sensation The Dahmers, originally released in 2018. In a tornado of influences like garage punk, classic rock and 60's pop this band truly is a Frankensteins monster of music. This is a band who's going their own way with colorful contrasts and still keeping the main essence of what they are all about. With their catchy tunes that gets stuck to your brain like a leech The Dahmers sucks you in to their music and to a world filled with darkness. Their lyrics and aesthetics have a big inspiration from classic horror movies but you also find emotional exposures about frustration, solitude and alienation amongst other things in their songs.

'Down In The Basement' collects eighteen catchy tracks with a raw & chilly essence, influenced by garage punk, classic rock and 60's pop. The tracks have been recorded during a period of 2016-2018 and holds some of the bands strongest tracks so far. The band has over the years risen to be one of the most popular party and garage acts out of Sweden, keeping the classic Swedish tradition of high quality rock and punk alive!

The band comments:
'The album's title alludes to the basement where we recorded many of
our songs and which served as studio and songwriting studio. The whole
album is a ride through all the contrasts that characterize The
Dahmers. A little punk, rock 'n' roll, power pop, horror, ABBA
choruses, sweat, energy and some emotional explosions here and there.
Everything mixed into a colorful cocktail with horror rock.'


Label: Lovely Records
Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 45:18 mins

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