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Compilation of Texas Hillbilly music from the 20s and 30s. Rare, Raucous, Racy and Real!!!

This amazing set is compiled by the Grammy Award winning producer Chris King from his own amazing collection of scarce 78s and discs. There is not another set like this. Superb, entertaining and important music. The music us superbly remastered as well as expertly packaged and presented so the set is attractive for both the hard core collector and the more casual buyer of American Roots.

This four-disc set is a treasure trove of previously lost or at least deeply obscure material: early recordings of Texas string bands and soloists, all originally issued on 78 rpm discs between 1922 and 1937. The restored sound is pretty impressive, especially on the later tracks (there's only so much you can do to pretty up a 96-year-old shellac recording), but even where the sound is atrocious the music is sometimes shockingly good. Just cue up Eck Robertson's 1922 solo recording of 'Sallie Gooden,' and prepare to be amazed. Also impressive is the array of styles and band configurations on offer here: you'll of course hear plenty of classic Texas-style fiddling, but also the odd Irish tune, early versions of later Western swing standards and rags, and cowboy songs, all played by a wide variety of ensembles and soloists. As a pure listening experience, these discs will appeal mainly to hardcore fans of the genre, but as a library purchase this set can be considered essential to any folk or country collection.

Rick Anderson

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Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • AC (Eck) Robertson - Sallie Gooden
  • Lewis Brothers - Sally Johnson
  • Lewis Brothers - Bull at the Wagon
  • Prince Albert Hunt’s Texas Ramblers - Blues in a Bottle
  • Prince Albert Hunt’s Texas Ramblers - Traveling Man
  • Red Headed Fiddler - Paddy on the Hand Car
  • Red Headed Fiddler - The Steeley Rag
  • Cartwright Brothers - San Antonio
  • Cartwright Brothers - Zacatecas
  • East Texas Serenaders - Dream Shadows
  • East Texas Serenaders - Babe
  • Fox Chasers - Eighth of January
  • Fox Chasers - Forked Deer
  • Oscar & Doc Harper - Beaumont Rag
  • Oscar & Doc Harper - Billy in the Low Ground
  • East Texas Serenaders - Gulf Waltz
  • East Texas Serenaders - Mineola Rag
  • Red Headed Fiddlers - Texas Quickstep
  • Red Headed Fiddlers - Never Alone Waltz
  • AC (Eck) Robertson - Ragtime Annie
  • Henry C Gilliland & AC (Eck) Robertson - Turkey in the Straw
  • East Texas Serenaders - Acorn Stomp
  • East Texas Serenaders - Shannon Waltz
Disc 2:
  • WA Hinton - Leather Britches
  • Dick Devall - Tom Sherman's Barroom
  • Smith’s Garage Fiddle Band - Cuban Two Step Rag
  • Red Headed Fiddlers - Cheat 'Em
  • Red Headed Fiddlers - Far in the Mountain
  • East Texas Serenaders - Sweetest Flower
  • East Texas Serenaders - Combination Rag
  • MS Dillehay - Mexican Beans
  • MS Dillehay - Mother-in-Law
  • Cartwright Brothers - Utah Carrol
  • Cartwright Brothers - Get Along Little Dogies
  • Hugh Roden & His Texas Night Hawks - Possum Rag
  • Hugh Roden & His Texas Night Hawks - Crazy Rag
  • East Texas Serenaders - Del Rio Waltz
  • East Texas Serenaders - East Texas Drag
  • Oscar Harper's Texas String Band - Sally Johnson
  • Oscar Harper's Texas String Band - She Gave Up
  • Smith’s Garage Fiddle Band - Beaumont Rag
  • Smith’s Garage Fiddle Band - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Eck Robertson & Family - The Island Unknown (Pt 1)
  • Eck Robertson & Family - The Island Unknown (Pt 2)
Disc 3:
  • Arthur Miles - Lonely Cowboy (Pt 1)
  • Arthur Miles - Lonely Cowboy (Pt 2)
  • Lewis Brothers - Caliope
  • Lewis Brothers - When Summer Comes Again
  • Fiddlin’ Jim Pate - Prisoner Boy
  • Fiddlin’ Jim Pate - Texas Farewell
  • Cartwright Brothers - On the Old Chisholm Trail
  • Cartwright Brothers - When the Work's All Done This Fall
  • AC (Eck) Robertson - Sally Johnson and Billy in the Low Ground
  • AC (Eck) Robertson - Done Gone
  • Prince Albert Hunt’s Texas Ramblers - Wake Up Jacob
  • Prince Albert Hunt’s Texas Ramblers - Waltz of Roses
  • Red Headed Fiddlers - Ragtime Annie
  • Red Headed Fiddlers - Texas Waltz
  • East Texas Serenaders - Arizona Stomp
  • East Texas Serenaders - Shannon Waltz
  • Eck Robertson & Family - Brilliancy Medley
  • Eck Robertson & Family - Amarillo Waltz
  • East Texas Serenaders - Three In One Two-Step
  • East Texas Serenaders - Meadow Brook Waltz
  • Oscar & Doc Harper - Dallas Bound
  • Oscar & Doc Harper - Terrell Texas Blues
  • Eck Robertson & Family - Brown Kelly Waltz (Pt 1)
  • Eck Robertson & Family - Brown Kelly Waltz (Pt 2)
Disc 4:
  • Hugh Roden & Roy Rodgers - Chicken in the Garden
  • Prince Albert Hunt’s Texas Ramblers - Houston Slide
  • Smith’s Garage Fiddle Band - Tom & Jerry
  • Eck Robertson & Family - There's a Brown Skin Girl Down the Road Somewhere
  • Oscar & Doc Harper - Twinkle Little Star
  • Oscar & Doc Harper - Bitter Creek
  • Solomon & Hughes - Ragtime Annie
  • Solomon & Hughes - Sally Johnson
  • Capt MJ Bonner - Yearling's in the Canebrake/The Gal on the Log
  • Capt MJ Bonner - Dusty Miller/Ma Ferguson
  • Oscar Harper’s Texas String Band - Kelly Waltz
  • Oscar Harper’s Texas String Band - Bouquet Waltz
  • East Texas Serenaders - Ozark Rag
  • East Texas Serenaders - Louisa Waltz
  • Eck Robertson & Dr JB Cranfill - Great Big 'Taters
  • Eck Robertson & Dr JB Cranfill - Run, Boy, Run
  • Fox Chasers - Red Wing
  • Fox Chasers - New Broom
  • Red Headed Fiddlers - St Jobe's Waltz
  • Red Headed Fiddlers - Fatal Wedding
  • Cartwright Brothers - Mammy's Little Black-Eyed Boy
  • Cartwright Brothers - Pickanniny Lullaby
  • East Texas Serenaders - Beaumont Rag
  • East Texas Serenaders - Serenaders' Waltz

Additional Details

Label: JSP Records

Genre: Country

Language: English

Run Time: 120 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 01/18/19

UPC: 788065721329

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