Ron Carter & Richard Galliano - An Evening With: Live At The Theatestubchen, Kasse (CD)

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Ron Carter & Richard Galliano create a universal musical language,the vocabulary consists of notes. Risk-free enjoyment.

Ron Carter and Richard Galliano
An Evening With: 'Live at Theaterstübchen, Kassel'

They could make it a lot easier for themselves, especially at their age and with their reputation. Play something so that people identify with them: easy-listening, swinging mainstream, or flowing music in the sound of musette. However, whoever knows the two 'partners in crime' know only too well that they have searched for risks during their lives like adrenaline junkies, never approached the adventure of music from the safe side, but instead always wanted to go beyond their own horizon.

Like two intrepid mountaineers, they balance over a yawning abyss, perform daring maneuvers and clear the way for each other time and again. The longer the intimate wanderings of subtle nuances and sensitive, dancing elegance last, the greater the familiarity seems to be. Four Carter compositions ('Einbahnstrasse', 'Blues for D. P.', 'Ah Rio' and 'First Trip'), four pieces by Galliano ('Tea For Toots', 'Billie', 'Waltz For Nicky' and 'Tango For Claude'), and a solo for each ('You Are My Sunshine' and 'Aria/Libertango'): nothing has changed. 'Richard really seizes every rhythmic and harmonic chance,' the American marveled about his French partner. And he replies gallantly: 'Ron still looks so young, fresh and elegant like three decades ago. And he is still enthusiastic, straightforward and comes straight to the point.' An often thoughtlessly used image rarely fits better than on this very special evening.

Track Listing

    • Einbahnstrasse (Live)
    • Tea for Toots (Live)
    • Billie (Live)
    • Waltz for Nicky (Live)
    • You Are My Sunshine (Live)
    • Tango pour Claude (Live)
    • Blues for D.P. (Live)
    • Aria/Libertango (Live)
    • Ah, Rio (Live)
    • First Trip (Live)
    • It's About Time (Bonus Track [Live])

    Additional Details

    Label: In And Out Records

    Genre: Jazz

    Language: English

    Run Time: 55:19 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 09/01/17

    UPC: 798747713221

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