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Blackwülf - Sinister Sides (CD)
Blackwülf - Sinister Sides (VINYL ALBUM)
Blackwulf - Oblivion Cycle (CD)
Bone Church - Acid Communion (CD)
Bone Church - Acid Communion (LP)
BoneHawk - Albino Rhino (CD)
Borracho - Riffography (CD)
Bright Curse - Time Of The Healer (CD)
Castle - Deal Thy Fate (CD)
Castle - Deal Thy Fate (VINYL ALBUM)
Cities Of Mars - The Horologist (CD)
Colour Haze - We Are (CD)
Colour Haze - We Are (LP)
Cortez - Sell The Future (LP)
Craneium - Explore The Void (CD)
Craneium - Explore The Void (VINYL ALBUM)
Craneium - The Narrow Line (CD)
Craneium - The Narrow Line (VINYL ALBUM)
Crystal Spiders - Molt (CD)

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