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Harold Land - Westward Bound! (CD)
Humanity Quartet - Humanity (CD)
Ian Hendrickson-Smith - The Lowdown (LP)
Ian Hendrickson-Smith - Tonight Is Now (CD)
James Danderfer - Run With It (CD)
Jane Fair Quartet - Chances Are (CD)
Jeff Libman - Strange Beauty (CD)
Jeremy Manasia - Green Dream (CD)
Jerry Cook Quartet+ - Walk In The Park (CD)
Jerry Weldon - Those Were The Days (CD)
Jesse Cahill's Night Crawlers- Volume 3 (CD)
Joani Taylor - In A Sentimental Mood (CD)
Jodi Proznick - Sun Songs (CD)
Joel Haynes Trio - The Time Is Now (CD)
John Sneider - The Scrapper (CD)
John Webber - Down For the Count (CD)

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