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Black Oil - Resist To Exist (CD)
Black Rose - A Light In The Dark (CD)
Black Sleep - The Whales Of The Grey Sea (CD)
Blackhearth - Blackhearth (CD)
Bleed Again - Momentum (CD)
Bless The Dead - The Boars Nest (CD)
Blister Brigade - To Serve And Punish (CD)
Blood Of Angels - Failure Of Faith (CD)
Blut - Inside My Head Pt. II (CD)
Bofo Kwo - Space/Time Carnivorium (CD)
Bookends - Far Away But Around (VINYL ALBUM)
Bound By Fate - Steadfast (CD)
Brick - Done Counting My Scars (CD)
Bridge Of Diod - Of Sinners And Madmen (CD)
Brightdelight - Invoke (CD)
Broken Oath - A Different Way (CD)
Bulletsize - Numb (CD)
Bulletsize - Numb (CD)
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Bulletsize - The Apokalypse (CD)
Burn Down Eden - Ruins Of Oblivion (CD)
Burn The Ocean - Come Clean (CD)
Burning Dogma - No Shores Of Hope (CD)
Carbon Seed - Posthumanism (CD)

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