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Crabber - Bluesbusters (CD)
Crabber - Crabber Crabber Hey! (CD)
Crabber - Who Let The Ducks Out? (CD)
Crabs - 5 More Steps EP (CD)
Cracked Actors - One Act Plays (CD)
Dan Clifford & The Tallboys - Inaction (CD)
Doggy - Radio T.P. (CD)
Dutch Elms - Music For Happiness (CD)
Earth Earth - Matador Is Dead EP (CD)
Eggs On Mars - It Will Be Like It Was (CD)
Fireflies - In Dreams (CD)
Flying Fish Cove - At Moonset (CD)
Flying Fish Cove - En Garde EP (CD)
Galants - Galants EP (CD)
Gazetteers - We Are Here. (CD)
Gentle Brent - Just Dandy (CD)

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