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Altercation Punk Comedy Tour - Metal Up Live (CD)
American Pinup - Change Machine (CD)
American Pinup - Strange Creatures (CD)
American Pinup/Lost In Society Split (CD)
Blase Debris - Creep Cool (CD)
Blase Debris - La Morte Mi Trovera Vivo (CD)
Blase Debris - Morfiend (CD)
Blood Sweat And Punk Vol. III (CD)
Blood, Sweat And Punk IV (CD)
Blood, Sweat And Punk Vol. 1 (CD)
Blood, Sweat And Punk Volume 2 (CD)
Blood, Sweat And Punk Volume 5 (CD)
Born To Lose - Saints Gone Wrong (CD)
Born To Lose - The Dreams Of Kids (CD)
Casket Architects - Future Wounds (CD)
Casket Architects - Skull Persuasion (CD)
Designer Drugs - By RX Only (CD)
Fantastic Plastics - Devolver (CD)
Fantastic Plastics - Invasion (CD)
Grizzly Band - Lost And Found (CD)
Heels - Good People Even Do Bad Things (CD)
Hub City Stompers - Hater's Dozen (CD)

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