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Aktarum - Trollvengers (CD)
Almost Dead - Brutal Onslaught (CD)
Arkaid - Crematoria (CD)
Aurium - The Second Sun (CD)
Beyond Infinity - Welcome To Infinity (CD)
Black Corona - The Mission (CD)
Bloody Falls - Burn The Witch (CD)
Born In Exile - Trascendence (CD)
Ciconia - Animal Chapters (CD)
Cryptobiosis - Chainsaw Crucifixion (CD)
Dawn Ahead - Fallen Anthems (CD)
Death And Legacy - D4rk Prophecies (CD)
Deathtale - The Origin Of Hate (CD)
Dragonfly - Domine XV (CD)
Dragonfly - Zeitgeist (CD)
Elusion - Singularity (CD)
Erzsebet - The Blasphemous Lady (CD)
Exit - Traces Of Human Existence (CD)
Final Cut - Jackhammer (CD)
Frijgard - Chapter Zero (CD)
Game Zero - W.A.R. (We Are Right) (CD)
Grave Noise - Roots Of Damnation (CD)

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