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30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall (CD)
Arf Arf 30-track Audio Relic Sampler (CD)
Arf! Arf! Blitzkreig 32-track Sampler (CD)
Arf! Arf! [el Cheapo] 2-cd Sampler (CD)
Buzz Buzz Buzzzzz Vol. 2 (CD)
Complexion (CD)
Deadly Dose Of Wylde Psych, A (CD)
Eastern Pa '60s Soul (CD)
Eastern Pa Rock - Part One [1961-1966]] (CD)
Eastern Pa Rock - Part Two [1966-1969] (CD)
Erik Lindgren - Erik Lindgren Scores! (CD)
Erik Lindgren - Oil On Linen (CD)
Five Emprees - Little Miss Sad (CD)
Flowerz - Flyte [1967-1968] (CD)
Frederic - Phases And Faces (CD)

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