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Atoll - Fallout Frenzy (CD)
Atoll - Zoopocalypse (CD)
Ayakasi Kagura - Kikoshi Meshi Tamae (CD)
Ayakasi Kagura - Zan Kyo (CD)
Blasted Pancreas - Carcinoma (CD)
Bleedead - Mustma Dorcheme (CD)
Bloodscribe - Prologue To The Apocalypse (CD)
Carnal Blasphemy - Liars Made Authority (CD)
Clitgore - Stories Of A Bloody Clit (CD)
Clitgore - The Final Cuntdown (CD)
Colpolscopy - Ready For Gore (CD)
Cranial Engorgement - Prelude To Horror (CD)
Cuff - Transient Suffering Through The Ergosphere (CD)
Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship - Μ'sick (CD)

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