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Act Noir - Automatisme Psychique (CD)
And Harmony Dies - Flames Everywhere (CD)
Aura - Underwater (CD)
Braindamage - The Downfall (CD)
Colloquio - Io E l'Altro (CD)
Crest of Darkness - The God of Flesh (CD)
Crown of Autumn - Byzantine Horizons (CD)
Curtain Call (CD)
Dark Matter - Nebula To Black Hole (CD)
Defect Designer - Wax (CD)
Deinonychus - Ark Of Thought (CD)
Deinonychus - Deinonychus (CD)
Deinonychus - Insomnia (CD)
Deinonychus - Mournument (CD)
Deinonychus - The Silence Of December (CD)
Deinonychus - Warfare Machines (CD)
Demetra Sine Die - Council From Kaos (CD)
Despairation - Music For the Night (CD)

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