Blues Company - X-ray Blues (CD)


$ 25.10


After an absence of 3 years from the studio, the Blues Company prove that they have not missed out on anything.

They have been on the stage for over 35 years, have performed on more than 3,500 occasions in 14 countries and have released more than 20 albums. achievements of the Blues Company, it is apparent that the musicians around the masterm

Track Listing

    • The Blues Been Good To Me
    • Big Legged Woman
    • If I Only Could
    • The Mirror
    • A Little Bit Of That
    • Smoking Gun
    • You Drive Me Crazy
    • Uh Wee Baby
    • Bon Ton Roulez
    • Sugar Daddy
    • Kiss
    • Albatross
    • Summertime

    Additional Details

    Label: Inakustik

    Genre: Blues

    Run Time: 62 mins

    Release Date: 09/20/13

    UPC: 707787912426

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