Boubacar Traore - Je Chanterais Pour Toi (CD)

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his record - the original soundtrack of Jacques Sarasin's film - takes us on a journey through Mali along with Boubacar Traore. His songs, like pages from his diary, lead to the intimate dwellings of his past life. From Kayes to Bandiagara, from Bamako to Niafunke, where he meets Ali Farka Toure, we follow him like a friend, listening to the sounds of life.Considered as a bluesman in the western countries, Boubacar Traore, a.k.a. Kar Kar, is above all someone passionate whose music distils emotions and dreams with simplicity and precision. His powerful and warm voice sings his country’s history, the hope and despair of the Malian people, their love and expectations, the world surrounding them – striking melodies, all inspired from the Kassonke Malian tradition in which he has always bathed in.

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Label: Lusafrica

Genre: World

Release Date: 10/11/10

UPC: 3567255624728

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