Brooke Sofferman - Fine Whines (CD)

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On this fourth recording from Boston-area drummer/composer Brooke Sofferman, the music is complex yet accessible, incorporating various styles of music under the guise of modern jazz.

The inventive drummer Brooke Sofferman continually pulls the rhythmic rug out from under his rockin' bop compositions, sliding between meters with remarkable fluidity as his bandmates, utterly undisturbed by the shifting ground, jam merrily away, gleeful side trips into Led Zeppelin and Star Wars underscore the sense of five guys having a good time.' - JazzTimes

1. Metric Monkulation(7:33)
2. Fine Whines(5:45)
3. Cold Train(7:36)
4. Forhermeto(7:44)
5. Are You Sureious'(6:37)
6. Some Beach(4:38)
7. All Kashmir(6:14)
8. Only Two Dimensions(5:56)
9. Da Bull Stops Here(5:14)
10. Back in the Bidet(6:55)
11. Poor Glob(3:50)
12. Karmocity(4:44)
13. Imperial March(4:00)

Additional Details

Label: Summit Records

Genre: Jazz

Run Time: 40 mins

Release Date: 07/01/12

UPC: 099402489926

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