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Cabaret Nights - Cabaret Francais Performance 2 (CD)


Cabaret Nights - Cabaret Francais Performance 2 (CD)

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Release Date: 04/24/12

Big, bright, brash and bawdy, Cabaret, the popular sketches and the popular music it provides have always increased the adrenaline flow. But when it's Cabaret Francais, there's a further rush of chic and style that set the flow fountaining. <br>20 tracks featuring:- Henri Coène & His Orchestra<br>- André Claveau <br>- Maryse Damià <br>- Danielle Darrieux & Pierre Mingand <br>- André Dassary <br>- Dany Dauberson<br>- Suzy Delair<br>- Lucienne Delyle<br>- Deprince<br>- Éliane Embrun<br>- Lily Fayol <br>- Louis Ferrari <br>- Jacqeline François<br>- Fréhel with Orchestra

Label: Signature
Genre: World

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