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Callie Kalogerson - The Music Of Greece (CD)


Callie Kalogerson - The Music Of Greece (CD)

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Release Date: 08/09/11

Enjoy the beautiful music of Hellas with these beautifully preformed traditional favorites.

The Music of Greece captures the soul and rich heritage of a people that excelled in the arts. These folk(Demotic) songs tell the story of the great tradtions of this historic land and sing the hearts lyric messages of love and tragedy. The classical Kalamatano and Syrto circle line dances carry the wisdom and humanity of an ancient race. Explore the extraordinary ruins of Athens, journey along the breath-taking Blue Mountains, sample some baklava at a small white washed seaside cafe, and enjoy the beautiful music of Hellas.

Genre: World
Run Time: 58:44 mins

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