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Carbon - Interference (CD)


Carbon - Interference (CD)

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Release Date: 03/31/09

With The Massive Follow Up To Their Amusia Album, Carbon Returns With Their Most Genre-Defying Effort Yet: Interference. An All-Instrumental Recording, It Spans The Axis Of E#'s Vision, Bending Driving Masses Of Sound With The Powerhouse Carbon Line-Up We've Known & Loved Since '91: Sharp, Parkins, Sloan, Trump & Weinstein.<br /><br /><br /><br />From The Fractal Waves Of Harmonics In 'Onyx', 'Slag',<br /><br />'Klik Daemon' & 'Thermal' Thru The Splattering Honk Of <br /><br />'N-Cryp, To The Pscyhedelic Hyper-Dub Of 'Jungle Freeze'<br /><br />& 'Glitchit', This Carbon Music Is Hot, Dense, Fast And Sounds Like Nothing Else On The Planet.<br /><br /><br /><br />Elliott Will Also Be Touring Both As A Solo Artist And With Zeena For A September-October Tour Of The Pacific<br /><br />Northwest With Stops In San Francisco, L.A., Denver & Chicago As Well Plus Radio Gigs & Interviews At Every Stop We Can Plug In.

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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