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Cervello Elettronico - Bipolar (CD)


Cervello Elettronico - Bipolar (CD)

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Release Date: 06/08/10

Intelligent dance music From hard rhythmic beats to pulsating electro EBM bass line. It's unique raw harsh sound.

Bipolar is Rustblade's exclusive box release, which includes all 14 tracks from Process of Elimination plus an additional disc featuring remixes by P.A.L, Geistform, Detune-X, Xotox, Sandblasting and many more artists. From hard rhythmic experimental beats to pulsating electro EBM bass lines, this latest effort displays a new polished sound for the project while keeping it's unique raw harsh sound. Clever sampling and sound design showcase Cervello Elettronico's particular type of intelligent dance music. Each interpretation of material from all of Cervello Elettronico's history takes you through a diverse and intriguing path. Rare unreleased songs such as 'Stolen Memories' and 'KillerInstinct' are given new light by Noorglo and Xotox respectively. Guest vocals from Karloz M of Manufactura, Uberbyte'sRichard Pyne, and Ben Arp from American industrial dance act C/A/T. features European exclusive remixes EBM act Aesthetic Perfection. Limited Box Contain 2CD plus Postcard, one big Stud

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 85: 77 mins

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