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Coffinberry - God Dam Dogs (CD)


Coffinberry - God Dam Dogs (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

Coffinberry is an electrifying four piece comprised of brothers Nicholas (guitars/vocals) and Anthony Cross (drums/vocals), Patrick O'Connor (bass) and Tony Janicek (guitar), whose 7-song debut EP earned comparisons last year to the likes of The Walkmen, Pavement, and Interpol with its 'intoxicating mix of drunk artsy dirges ('Nightlife') and streets-of- Brooklyn hipster rock ('Needn't Be So Mean,' 'Eva') (- Columbus Alive). The band's blend of honest but intoxicating rock is an electrifying mix of unassuming but potent musicianship, gifted and preternatural songwriting, and humble Ohio valley roots. While comparison to legends like Guided By Voices and Pere Ubu might reflect a geographical prejudice, to invoke recent bands (e.g. Spoon, Superchunk) would fail to do them justice.

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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