Curse Of The Puppetmaster (DVD)

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The human experiment...

The human experiment...

The amazing living puppets of Andre Toulon have a new master. In a desperate attempt to duplicate the great Puppet Master's work, Dr. Magrew has been experimenting with his human assistants, but Hell is about to break loose. As captives in Dr. Magrew's 'House of Marvels,' the puppets have watched silently as lives have been destroyed with every failed experiment. Now, the deadly puppets' hunger for revenge is the only way to stop the legacy of evil...



Cast & Crew

  •       George Peck
  •       Emily Harrison
  •       Josh Green

Director: David DeCoteau

Producer: Charles Band

Additional Details

Label: Full Moon Features

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Run Time: 90 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/10/16

UPC: 859831004165

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