Desorden Publico - The Ska Album (CD)


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Greatest hits from Venezuela's top ska band from 1985 to present.

Hailing from South America, Desorden Público blend native rhythms and pop ska sensibilities into one danceable sound. Singing in both Spanish and English, fans of all cultures have latched onto their music. Even if you can't understand the lyrics, there is no question what the vibe and tone of the music is expressive and energetic. This release highlights some of their best ska tunes over the years, including some unreleased tracks and alternate version tracks.

Bonus Materials

  • Contains unreleased and remixed tracks, including special guest Neville Staple of The Specials!

Track Listing

    • Mirándonos
    • Skándalo
    • Calvo
    • Como Sabroso
    • Ska D' Acá
    • La Primera Piedra
    • Where Is The Future'
    • Black Market Man (Feat. Neville Staple)
    • Terroristas
    • Skápate
    • Venus
    • Tokyo Loco
    • El Clon
    • Jack
    • Lo Bueno

    Additional Details

    Label: Megalith Records

    Genre: Reggae

    Run Time: 52 mins

    Release Date: 03/10/09

    UPC: 616892537120

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