DJ Spooky & Matthew Shipp - DJ Spooky & Matthew Shipp (DVD)


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Quintessence of contemporary NY sound, both sophisticated and untamed, a subtle blend of free jazz and hip hop.

DJ Spooky and Matthew Shipp represent the quintessence of contemporary New York sound. Their music is both sophisticated and untamed, a subtle blend of free jazz and hip hop. Their concerts exude an urban energy and tension that springs directly from street music, but with an element of historic, cultural and social conscience added in. What you hear and see during their concerts reflects the New York of today - a diverse megalopolis and cultural avant-garde of a traumatized America. A radical yet simple shooting method captures this bold energy: four handheld cameras on stage with an interior, embedded point of view, caught up in a whirlwind of rhythms and hyper jump-cut editing that saturates the senses. A rather demanding musical and visual adventure that does a good job of rendering the tensions present in an America that - at the time of the film was shot - hadn't yet attempted to revive its dream.Line-up: DJ SPOOKY Turn-tables MATTHEW SHIPP Keyboard WILLIAM PARKER Bass GUILLEROM E. BROWN Drums

Additional Details

Label: La Huit

Genre: Jazz

Run Time: 55 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 08/11/09

UPC: 3760123561235

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