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Dream Is Dead - Letter Of Resignation (CD)


Dream Is Dead - Letter Of Resignation (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

Indianapolis IN's THE DREAM IS DEAD features former members of hardcore/ screamo/ metal faves BURN IT DOWN, HARIKARI, and SUTEK CONSPIRACY, but instead of resting on the reputations of their previous bands' efforts, TDID jumps through hoops to deliver a completely different musical experience. While still technically a 'hardcore' band, TDID surpasses many bands in this somewhat stagnating gentre by delivering non-stop, politically charged vocals, amazingly technical rhythms, & explosive guitar. In addition, there are no attempts at vocal melodies or acoustic breakdowns, giving them an edge above most of the stop/start 'hardcore' bands out today. THE DREAM IS DEAD recently completed a 10 day East Coast / Midwest tour with Anodyne, played alongside other indie, punk & hardcore bands like PAGE 99, CONVERGE, MELT BANANA, BURNT BY THE SUN, THE LOCUST, and ERASE ERRATA at this years More Than Music festival in Columbus OH, and has already booked an August tour of the West Coast with FIND HIM AND KILL HIM. This CD is the debut release from an already much-hyped band you'll be seeing lots of in the very near future... don't miss out on this.

Genre: Metal

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