Eerie Von - Bad Dream No. 13 (CD)


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Eerie Von, founding member of Danzig and Samhain, is back with his first new work since 2001.

Eerie Von, founding member of Danzig and Samhain is back with his first new work since 2001's 'The Blood and the Body'. This is his most ambitious work yet. It was completely written, recorded and produced by Eerie at his home studio. He has been consumed by this project for the past two years. The themes throughout BAD DREAM No. 13 deal with isolation, desperation, murder, madness and redemption. The influences that you will hear on this CD are as varied as Eerie himself. They range from Elvis, the blues, and oldies to J.G Thirlwell, Nick Cave and classic horror movie soundtracks.

Track Listing

    • A Cage, Is A Cage. . .
    • The Bone Drone
    • In The Shade
    • Down On The Slab
    • 2 Tears In A Bucket
    • Prelude To Death
    • Meet Death
    • Bad Dream
    • The Perfect Criminal
    • The Velvet Shroud
    • Sing, Sinner, Sing!
    • Case Study # 107 / Rec. Room 3A
    • Benediction # 2

    Additional Details

    Label: Ghastly Records

    Genre: Metal

    Run Time: 40 mins

    Release Date: 11/25/08

    UPC: 723248618324

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