Electric Frankenstein - High Voltage Rock N' Roll (CD)


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Celebrating 20 years of Electric Frankenstein!

Electric Frankenstein (aka EF) - From the eerie depths of New Jersey... comes the world renowned epitome of high-energy/punk/rock & roll... with numerous genres of music as an influence, melded into what has come to be known as Electric Frankenstein! I first heard of EF when I read an in-depth interview within the pages of Scary Monsters Magazine some time in the late 90's. The publisher depicted a horrific description of what would be known as high-energy/rock, in the fashion of classic punk, meets 60's & 70's rock & roll... which was a meld that I was interested in following up on. I rushed out to get my mitts on one of their records, & picked up a copy of my 1st EF album 'Sick Songs', & I was instantly hooked. Raw powered, classic well-written guitar hooks, catchy sing-along-choruses, in classic punk fashion... in which EF became one of my highest musical influences, & I've been collecting EF releases/vinyl for over 10 years now. Electric Frankenstein truly lives up to their name, & has kept the torch of this name lit through various line-up changes & inner complications... they stand for the grit that truly is what punk/rock was originally about, & still should be about today; punk is not a fashion, punk doesn't mean you have'ta have a mo-hawk & pink hair or follow the heard that does, punk is not what MTV depicts it to be... punk is attitude, it's a demeanor, it's in your blood. Hopefully EF gets into your blood... & under your skin... as it did for me when I 1st heard them. After all, this is The Best Of Electric Frankenstein... THE TIME IS NOW!!!'

Track Listing

    • High Voltage
    • Get off my back
    • It's all moving faster
    • Demolition joyride
    • Action high
    • Devil dust
    • Blackout
    • Neurotic pleasures
    • Speed girl
    • Up from the streets
    • Dead on beauty
    • The mess
    • Sweet baby arrogance
    • Make no mistake
    • Super kool
    • Gone to the other room
    • Burn bright, burn fast
    • Ranting, raving and rocking

    Additional Details

    Label: Zodiac Killer Records

    Genre: Alternative/Punk

    Language: English

    Run Time: 40 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 09/09/16

    UPC: 654367525784

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