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Farewell Israel:  Bush, Iran And The Revolt Of Islam (DVD)


Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran And The Revolt Of Islam (DVD)

$ 14.95

Release Date: 11/20/07

Israel, the West, and the Coming War for Islamic Revival - through the eyes of Muslims.

This DVD is a historic journey, from the birth of Islam, through it's 1200 year reign over the civilized world, to the last 300 years of Islamic decline, overtaken and dominated by the West, then humiliated by a Jewish state. Islam's historic trials with Jews, and its relationship with conquered non-believers, help illustrate the Islamic world view - through the eyes of Muslims. At the direction of Iran, Islamists are preparing for a fateful coming war for Islam. Israel is the number one target in the path of Islamic revival. Meanwhile, President George Bush's tragic misunderstanding of 9/11 as a 'War Against Freedom' allowed the United States to play into the hands of Al-Qaeda. Western and Israeli misunderstanding of Islam is leading to a coming war - which will have devastating consequences for the West, and worst of all for Israel - Farewell Israel!


Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 145 mins

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