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Gary B & The Notions - Get Those Crazy Notions! (CD)


Gary B & The Notions - Get Those Crazy Notions! (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

GARY BARRETT, JR. is no new face to the Baltimore indie scene. Over the last six years under the stage name Your Imaginary Friend, he's hand distributed several thousand copies of three entirely DIY full lengths and done literally hundreds of solo performances, including opening slots for such diverse artists as Sufjan Stevens, The Hold Steady, Of Montreal, Dismemberment Plan, The Mountain Goats, Spank Rock, as well as his favorite songwriter, Franklin Bruno. Those in the know will tell you about their favorite Gary B song and which ex-girlfriend they put it on a mixtape for. Or about Spring 2004 when for three solid months Gary's answering machine featured a new song composed that morning.

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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