Gnawed - Feign And Cloak (CD)


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Release Date: 11/03/14

Active since 2002, Minneapolis based Grant Richardson has solidified a reputation for creating a strain of death industrial and power electronics that’s particularly ferocious, visceral, and just insanely heavy. Alongside Nyodene D, The Vomit Arsonist, and Steel Hook Prostheses, Gnawed represents an act at the forefront of a genre, whose music is built on a European foundation, but sculpted and sharpened with American aggression and intensity. Despite numerous cassettes, splits, and compilation appearances, Feign and Cloak is just Gnawed’s second full length CD following 2012’s masterful Terminal Epoch, and continues down a similar path, only seeing Richardson having honed his skills and focus. Few artists are as adept or as capable at building tension and atmosphere as Gnawed, then releasing it in an onslaught of deep barreled percussion, pneumatic reverberations, scrap metal debris, and turbine fueled drones, the processed vocals resonating and slicing through the mix, so forceful as to almost be an instrument onto itself. A modern masterpiece of true industrial music.<br><br>TRACK LISTING: <br><br>1. Time Undone - 4:31<br><br>2. Burning the Hive - 5:16<br><br>3. The Scales - 4:04<br><br>4. Feign and Cloak - 7:13<br><br>5. Pestilence Beholden - 5:11<br><br>6. Of the Wings and the Carrion - 4:46<br><br>7. The Drowning Fire - 6:26<br><br>8. Torch to Cedar - 5:51

Label: Malignant Records
Genre: Metal
Run Time: 44 mins

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